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Apostle Jerome Steele, Senior Pastor

Pastor Steele was born in Tuskegee, Alabama and was raised in Autaugaville, Alabama.  After giving his life to the Lord at the age of 14, Pastor Steele was called to preach the gospel to his small rural community in Statesville, Alabama.  In 1983, he came to Tulsa, OK to attend Oral Roberts University, where he received an undergraduate degree in Theology as well as an MBA in Business.


With over 25 years of business experience, Pastor Steele has assisted many business owners by providing sound wisdom, creating business plans and promoting business alliances.  Pastor Steele desires to be a catalyst for change by mobilizing ministry and business leaders to work together under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  As this mandate is accomplished, Pastor Steele believes that the Great Commission will become a reality in our city, state, nation and the world.


Mr. Steele is also the senior pastor of Amazing Grace Christian Church.  This multicultural congregation reaches the city through monthly food distribution, hospital visitations, nursing home ministry, prison ministry as well as prayer and counseling for those in need.  Pastor Steele has influenced and encouraged leaders and ministries nationwide as well as in Liberia West Africa and Jamaica.  He is most loved for his gentle demeanor coupled with profound wisdom.


Pastor Steele is married to Yourlunda and has four children Olivia, Michala, Montavion and Alayah.

Yourlunda Steele, Pastor

Pastor Yourlunda Steele is the Executive Pastor of Amazing Grace Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She serves diligently in full-time ministry beside her husband of 30 years, Apostle Jerome Steele.  Pastor Yourlunda loves preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her heartfelt preaching was birth out of a desire to love God with all of her heart and to encourage others to do the same.


Like many of you, Pastor Yourlunda has endured and overcome hardships such as abuse, broken relationships, financial hardships, loss and church turmoil.  However, through the grace and mercy of God, these tests have become her testimony.  She has over 25 years of practical ministry experience serving in various areas of the ministry such as office administration, pastoral care, counseling, women’s ministry and praise and worship.  In addition, she has completed several hours of course work at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Community College, Dickenson Business School as well as completing the school of ministry at Love Center Christian Fellowship and Amazing Grace Christian Center.


Pastor Yourlunda has ministered in several churches and ministries in the United States and has held multiple meetings in Jamaica.  She considers it an honor to labor with her husband as they endeavor to reach the end-time harvest.


Pastor Yourlunda resides in Tulsa, OK with her husband and four children: Olivia, Michala, Montavion and Alayah.


Asst. Pastor Piair Cain and Karon Cain 

Asst. Pastor Maggie Horton

Asst. Pastor Ruth Scott

Asst. Pastor Patricia Moncreary

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